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    Certified Local Governments

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Certified Local Government Contacts & Accomplishments

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  • Is your community a CLG?
  • If you are a CLG, who to contact locally and at the state for more information.
  • How long your community has been a CLG.
  • Statistics on what your community is saving, land marking, and inventorying.

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CLG Accomplishments:
Select a year to see the the results of all CLG Annual Reports grouped by State. The results show the CLG achievements for the FY selected. CLGs report on achievements in the following categories:
  • Inventory of Historic Properties
  • Local Historic Districts & Landmarks
  • Local Tax Incentives
  • Brick & Mortar Grants and/or Loans
  • Local Design Reviews & Historic Preservation Compliance
  • Local Property Aquisition

If you want to become a CLG contact your State CLG Program Coordinator.
If your CLG contact information needs to be updated, contact your State CLG Program Coordinator.
If you have questions about the Federal Program, contact NPS at