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Culturally Unidentifiable Native American Inventories Database

About the Database
The Culturally Unidentifiable Native American Inventories Database is a compilation of data from museums and Federal agencies from various geographic areas of the United States. Many of the human remains described here, originally inventoried as culturally unidentifiable, have been affiliated as a result of consultation or transferred upon the recommendation of the NAGPRA Review Committee. The receiving tribe or tribes are noted in the remarks section of each record.

Each record contains the name of the museum or Federal agency in possession or control of the human remains; the state, county, and site, if known, from which the human remains were removed; the collection identification number if given; the minimum number of individuals (MNI); and the number of associated funerary objects (AFO). The remarks section also includes brief collection histories, available age and culture or early group information, and a list of funerary objects, if present, date of Notice of Inventory Completion published in the Federal Register, repatriation date if known, and last updated by the Program.

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